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Life Group Revival


Revival in Okinawa

    What an incredible weekend.  Bro. and Sis. Gann From South Carolina were with us this weekend…  Awesome Home missions Seminar on Saturday.  Saturday we had a great time passing out flyers in a street block party style BBQ.  Fathers day Sunday we had 2 Filled and 2 baptized in Jesus Name! Awesome Rally Revival Service to wrap things up!  God…

One filled and baptized tonight out of a Life Group Meeting in Uruma City

        Matthew 5:6: Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6: 義に飢えかわいている人たちは、さいわいである、 彼らは飽き足りるようになるであろう。 She was so hungry for the truth.  She received the Holy Ghost just moments after being baptized in Jesus name!  Praise the Lord!  Revival in Japan…

Japanese Lady Baptized in Jesus Name today.日本人の女性がイエスの御名によって洗礼を受けました。

    What a wonderful service we had today.  Rev. Doan and his wife and youngest son were able to be with us in service today.  Wonderful ministry of God’s word.  The presence of God was very rich and it was such a blessings.  After some fellowship a first time visitor wanted to be baptized in Jesus Name! 今日は素晴らしい礼拝を持つ事が出来ました。ドーン師と彼の妻、一番下の息子が共に礼拝しました。神の素晴らしい御言葉、神の深い臨在と祝福があり、礼拝後に初めて参加した訪問者の方がイエスの御名によって洗礼を受けました。